Courses by Travis Media


Lessons in Build a Decentralized Bike Rental App on Binance Smart Chain:

  1. 1 Welcome/Overview

    Objective: Introduction and Overview of Application

  2. 2 Resources

    Objective: Images and link to GitHub provided

  3. 3 Learn Solidity in 60 Minutes

    Objective: This is an optional lesson for those unfamiliar with Solidity.

  4. 4 Creating our Smart Contract

    Objective: Creating the Bike Rental smart contract

  5. 5 Finalizing our Smart Contract

    Objective: Finishing the smart contract and deploying to the Binance Smart Chain testnet

  6. 6 Project Setup and Building the Homepage

    Objective: Setting up our React project, Chakra UI, and building out the Navbar and Homepage.

  7. 7 Building the Dashboard

    Objective: Building the Dashboard UI

  8. 8 Connecting Metamask and Talking To Our Contract

    Objective: Connecting to our Metamask Provider and testing a call to our smart contract

  9. 9 Building the Add Renter Form

    Objective: Creating a registration form for the renter

  10. 10 Populating Dashboard and Bike Rentals

    Objective: Populating the Dashboard with dynamic values from our Smart Contract and the Blockchain

  11. 11 Optimizing UI and Security Checks

    Objective: Adding some UI notifications on error and adding more security to our smart contract

  12. 12 Owner Bonus Features

    Objective: A bonus lesson for you to implement. Creating an owner dashboard where he or she can view the balance of the contract, their cut of that balance, and a feature to withdraw their earnings.

Lessons in Learn 30 JavaScript Methods in 12 Days - HQ Cheatsheet given on completion!:

  1. 1 Introduction

  2. 2 Day 1 - split

  3. 3 Day 2 - slice

  4. 4 Day 3 - slice, substring, substr

  5. 5 Day 4 - reverse, join

  6. 6 Day 5 - shift, unshift, pop, push

  7. 7 Day 6 - charAt, indexOf, lastIndexOf

  8. 8 Day 7 - String, toString, toFixed, Number, parseFloat, parseInt

  9. 9 Day 8 - Math.round, Math.ceil, Math.floor, Math.max, Math.min

  10. 10 Day 9 - forEach

  11. 11 Day 10 - filter

  12. 12 Day 11 - map

  13. 13 Day 12 - reduce

  14. 14 Congrats! Here's your Cheatsheet!

About Travis Media

I was 34 years old in a job I hated when I decided to learn to code.

I had only planned to stay in that job for 6 months while I looked for something better. And that 6 months unfortunately turned into 10 years.

Time flies!

However, during the latter part of that 10 years I started a blog (non-dev related). That blog led me to having to learn a little HTML and CSS which I found thrilling; so much so that I ended up enrolling in a coding bootcamp.

Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and building websites was a whole new world for me. And a really, really exciting one!

During the first half of this bootcamp, I started taking on whatever freelance work I could find. I just couldn’t get enough!

And when my job announced that it would be outsourcing our department I decided to go for it: to jump into the world of freelance web development full time.

I soon quit the bootcamp (see ya Ruby on Rails) and became a freelancer.

And the rest is history…history that’s documented here on the blog.

I went from working in WordPress/PHP for agencies to a 100% success score on Upwork.

I later made my way back into the corporate office as a software developer working on large sites like and eventually large-scale mission-critical systems as a DevOps engineer.

And my passion remains the same:

1. Helping people learn to code and change careers
2. Helping developers level up

So be on the lookout here for more courses, and feel free to suggest what you'd like to see.